About our kreative team

Kreative Designs is a full-service graphic design and brand marketing company located in Chicago. We specialize in the daily mix of input and inspiration for digital graphic designs, web design, photography, logo design, and product marketing.

We also share practical tips, tools, tutorials, and news on design evolution and other entertaining yet inspirational subjects.

Kreative Team


Our world today is a very competitive place. We each want to find out where we fit, which is a good thing. However, this leaves us playing catch in the search for what is right or not.

We are here to help. Kreative Designs will help you stay in the know-how on all creative works of emerging artists and on recent design trends to quench your thirst for graphic design knowledge. Also, we aim to curate and preserve meaningful ideas across the globe.

Whether you’re an up and coming entrepreneur or an established company looking for a print to further your brand, we want to work with you!

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We are a thought sparked by the realization of cutting-edge design and innovation in Chicago that goes undiscovered. To modify this, we aim to give a chance to talent and skill by allowing users to exhibit their fanciful designs discoveries and create a central online-hub for talent.

In our quest to scout for ways to make lives simpler, we have come up with several industry guidelines, website articles, tips, tricks, design, and development resources to develop yourself and expand your potentials.